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1.3 submitted: easier access to bus stops/car parks, Sparklette reviews, and one more thing

Hope everyone is feeling alright on this Monday! If not, this news may just cheer you up – we've submitted the 1.3 update. Woohoo!

What's new:

1. Search or browse for bus stops

If you know the bus stop number, simply type in the 5-digit code to get to the bus stop's page. You can also search or browse for "bus stops" and get a list of bus stops around you.

Bus stops now get their own page, and from there you can find out the bus services there by tapping on the "buses" link.

To find out the next bus arrival times, tapping on a SBS bus service will bring you to the corresponding mobile IRIS page in the browser. Nice!

2. Search or browse for carparks and rates

When you search for buildings with carparks, we have now included a new link to view the carpark rates. This means you can now view carpark information without having to tap on the map icons!

To quickly see a list of carparks around your current location, just tap on "car parks" from the browse menu.

3. food reviews

Sparklette is a food guide run by Veron, who has been a fan for the longest time – she embeds a map with her food reviews to make sure her readers know how to get there. How thoughtful!

When you're at a place that has been reviewed on Sparklette, be sure to tap on the link to read her review!

Check out some of her recent reviews: Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant, Spices Cafe at Concorde Hotel.

4. Street view with compass + motion panning

One more thing – Street View. We're bringing Google's Street View to the app. Of course, the experience won't be as smooth as the the default Maps application because we do not have direct access to the Street View raw images, but we think it's still useful to be able to see some form of street imagery from inside our app.

What's more, we've gone one step further by including compass and motion panning in Street View. Basically, this means you can pan your phone around and see the corresponding street view images that are in the direction you're facing. And if you are on iOS 4, you can even pan up and down simply by moving your phone!

That's all for 1.3, we'll keep you posted when this update is available for download. By the way, the launch discount is coming to an end soon, so please tell your friends to purchase the app if they haven't already! We are not even half done with what we wanna do with our app and there are many more exciting updates coming your way! :)

iPhone app update: 1.2 now available

As promised last week, version 1.2 of the app is now available for download.

1. Shortcut to home screen

Probably the most requested feature in 1.2, the home screen shortcut! We've followed Facebook's lead (albeit hidden) and added a "return to home" shortcut whenever you tap on a title on the navigation bar. This is definitely not a standard Apple UI convention, but we felt that it was a quick solution for power users who needed to jump back to the home screen frequently.

In addition, tapping on the back button now skips past the directions screens, a source of frustration for many users who just wanted to search for new directions.

2. Options for departure time, minimise ERP and avoid highways

Advanced options for the power user. By setting the departure time, the directions will take into account details such as peak hour surcharges for taxi fares, and bus/train operating hours for public transport.

3. "Search nearby" added to place page

We've also added the ability to search for things around a location. You'll be able to search, for instance, florists nearby "AMK Hub", if you're in desperate need to find some flowers.

4. Compass in map view

Similar to, you can now use the compass while in the map screen. Just tap on the current location button twice to activate the compass.

*hat tip to @mugunthkumar for reminding us about this.

5. Updated carpark rates

Yeah, like finally right? We know a few folks who were pretty annoyed with our outdated carpark rates, but we're a small team and we try our best. Do cut us some slack, okay? :P

That's all we have for now. You can help us improve by telling us how you're using the app, and what isn't working out for you. As usual, feedback via twitter or email is welcome.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

iPhone app update: 1.1 released, 1.2 submitted

Hi all, version 1.1 of the app is now in the App Store!

Here's what's new with this update:

1. Retina display graphics, high resolution maps

When we got our hands on an iPhone 4 and saw our app for the first time, we knew we had to do something about those ugly pixels. Count yourself lucky, iPhone 4 owners!

2. Taxi booking

The dial button calls the LTA Common Taxi Number (6-DIAL-CAB), but you still need to tell the operator your location and destination. The SMS button composes a message to Comfort's SMS-A-CAB service, with your current location in a postal code.

3. Real-time bus arrival information

Thanks to Deepak's SBS NextBus, we now have bus arrival information for SBS buses. Just tap on a bus stop in the map to bring up the infowindow, and then tap on the bus number to see the next bus arrival times.

What's next?

We have just submitted version 1.2 to Apple for review. Judging by our experience so far, the new update should take about 7 to 8 days to get reviewed and approved!

Version 1.2 will include:
  • Tap on title to return to home screen (the much requested shortcut)
  • Search nearby, from the place page
  • Departure time options
  • Minimise ERP and avoid highway options
  • Compass in map view
We hope you've found the application useful so far. We're still working hard to improve the app, so if you have any feedback or need help with troubleshooting, please don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Has Apple approved the iPhone app?

You bet they have! It's on sale right now. Get it fast! And just so you know, we are already hard at work adding some new nifty features to it. Visit the app store and find out more about the iPhone app!

iPhone Sneak Peek - Searching for places

Here's another video, this time showing off how to find places with the app!

iPhone Sneak Peek

We have some great news to share! The iPhone app has been submitted to the iTunes App Store. And now we just gotta wait for Apple to give us their seal of approval. Our iPhone app has come a very long way. Truth be told, we have made over 5 different iPhone apps over the last year and a half. Unfortunately, we felt neither of them offer a fantastic user experience, and you know how we are all about creating a great user experience!

Well, that's all over now because we have finally designed and built an iPhone app that we love! And we really mean it! This app trumps over our mobile web version, even on the web, and really just about every other thing we have come up with.

What's a sneak peak without pictures right? We'll go one better and show you a short homemade video!

Here's a look at some of the features in the app.

  • Find public transport and driving directions anywhere in Singapore.
  • Ninja search engine - you can search using postal codes, building names, acronyms like "amk", and even businesses and amenities like "korean food" or "atms".
  • Simply start typing and we'll automagically suggest popular locations, as well as places you've recently searched for.
  • Compare the duration and cost between the various modes of transport, including bus, train, taxi and car. You can even choose between multiple routes for each mode of transport.
  • View useful details in your trip summary, such as the fare, duration, distance, ERP charges and number of transfers.
  • Find directions for your blur taxi driver and also see the full breakdown of the estimated fare, including peak hour surcharges and more.
  • Pick and choose a carpark around your destination and we'll show you the rates and guide you there.
  • Search or browse amenities and businesses around your location.
  • View more information about a place including the full address, phone number and even hungrygowhere reviews.
  • Explore the beautiful full screen map and tap on any bus stop or carpark to find out more about them.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We'll be showing you more of the app in the coming days as we wait for the kind people at Apple to approve it. Stay tuned!

P.S. The app will not be free. However, we'll be sure to give you, our ardent supporters, a special early bird deal. =)

Week-long sponsorships, now on

Have you noticed a message from our wonderful sponsors at the top of every search and directions page?

Over the past 2 years, many users have asked us about the lack of ads on We do not believe in plastering our website with ads. We have a great service here with a wonderful user experience. Displaying run of-the-mill, mass produced ads will simply destroy the user experience and ruin the trust with our users. We wanted something that doesn't degrade the experience of using, something thoughtfully designed, something worthy of your attention. Something different.

As you probably know, is not a service provided by your tax dollars, nor is it a service backed by a giant company. We are a small local indie outfit. Despite our size and lack of resources, we are moving faster than any of the larger map services; we are the first to update our maps and directions with the Circle Line, we are also the first to roll out a preview of the distance-based fares so our users can prepare for the upcoming change. We believe we are providing a public service, so needs to be accessible to everyone. This means that charging you, our user, is a non-option. Therefore, we'll be bringing in a few sponsors each week to showcase their establishment, product, service or event. Their sponsorship will help keep us going while everyone can continue to enjoy using

The message above is our way of allowing our sponsors to reach out to you, so you'd better check them out to show your appreciation! ;) We'll be hand-picking the sponsored messages to make sure that they offer something local and relevant to you. Most importantly, the messages will be well-designed and interesting. Flash and distracting animation is strictly prohibited. Seriously.

We hope you find the sponsored messages helpful and refreshing. If you have any comments on how they can be improved, please don't hesitate to email us. On the other hand, if you'd like to learn how to become a sponsor on, do visit our sponsors page to find out more.