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Driver's high

The previous update was geared towards public transport users, but we haven't forgotten our users who drive. After acting on the useful feedback that we've been getting, we came up with a bunch of features for the drivers out there.

Firstly, our maps now include car parks all around the island and the ERP gantries that are sprouting up all over.

Now you can find out where the nearest car park or ERP gantry is on the map. We then went one step further. By clicking on the car park icon, you can now check out the car park rates as well as other relevant information about the car park.

With ERP rates changing rather often, it'd be useful to be able to check the current rate too. And that's what we have done.

And that's not all. Knowing the ERP rates is useful. But avoiding ERP gantries would be way cooler! Now, you can try avoiding the ERP gantries by checking the "Try avoiding ERP" box.

We are still testing it to see how we can improve this feature so do drop us a note if you encounter a weird route.

That's all for now, we really hope that this feature roll-out will be able to help everyone even better plan their journey beforehand. In the meantime, keep the comments and feedback coming in! We're all ears!

Baba King Nonya Deli

The bunch of us travelled all the way to Singapore Expo for dinner today. Now, one wonders why we had to journey so far east for dinner. Actually, one of our friends told us about this lesser-known Peranakan restaurant at Singapore Expo that served pretty good Peranakan crusine, so we decided to try it out, thinking that it would be a welcome break from the busy bustling dinner crowd in the city.

Here's the place.

For a small group like us, I think we ordered a lot. I guess we were hungry from working on GoThere.

Nonya Chicken Curry

Sambal Tempeh

Nonya Fish Otak

Assam Prawn

"Bakwan" Kepiting, Nonya crab and chicken cake

Chicken Ngo Hiang

Sambal Kang Kong

Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab. This was really yummy and fragrant.

Prawn & Egg FuYong

Prawn Fritters

Location aside, Baba King Nonya Deli is really good! Almost all the dishes that we tried tasted pretty good, we especially liked the fish otah and the black pepper soft shell crab. This is definitely one place to consider whenever anyone is in the mood for some Peranakan food. Perhaps that's why the owners had no qualms calling themselves "Baba King", a sign of confidence in the quality of their food. To be fair, the place is very accessible by MRT (alight at Expo station), so that really shouldn't deter anyone from having a go at this restaurant.

Click and drag goodness

To celebrate our first month in cyberspace, we are happy to announce our first major update.

We've improved the quality of our maps on GoThere. If you zoom in close enough, you'll see our new and improved building names on the map. In addition, we have also placed bus stops directly on the map itself. You can click on it to see which buses are servicing the stop. There's also a link to SBS iris so you can check when the next bus is arriving. If you do find any errors with a particular bus stop, do let us know via the report error link.

You can now also see where the taxi stands are in the CBD area. Look out for these cute orange icons. With the LTA taxi CBD rule in place, we hope this will help commuters look for that elusive taxi stand.

We understand that our directions are not perfect. Thanks to the stream of feedback that we have been getting, we have been tweaking it to be that little bit better for all of you. We place a huge emphasis on speed here at GoThere. Many hours were spent analyzing how to make our pages load faster. We're glad to say that GoThere is now a lot faster in finding the best possible route for you. In fact, the next feature requires speedy responses and is only possible with this improvement.

Sometimes, you do not get the exact location that you are looking for. Now, you can just click and drag the start or end marker to a specific location on the map. Simply drop the marker and you'll see new directions from or to that location.

We also thought it will be useful if we can tell you the address of the building that the marker falls on. Go ahead and try it! We found it to be surprisingly addictive.

That's all for this update. We are listening to our users. So don't be shy and drop us a note at feedback (at) gothere (dot) sg!

Searching for directions

Hi there, we spent countless hours putting this site together, so we thought it'd be nice to spend a few moments telling you how you can use this site better and get a better user experience.

Let's say you're meeting a friend at United Square and you want to find out how to get there from 23 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4, all you have to do is to fill in where you're traveling from in the "From" field, your target destination in the "To" field, and just hit "Find". It's as simple as that!

Here's an example.

To make it even easier for you, there're a couple of ways you can fill in the "From" & "To" fields so you have less to worry about. Firstly, you could enter in the traditional road address. For e.g. "101 thomson Road" or "23 bukit batok east ave 4". If you're not sure what the exact address is, you could try entering a building name, for e.g. "united square". Entering a postal code like "307591" works great too! Actually, "23 bukit batok east" works too if you're lazy

Here's how the search result for directions looks like.

By default, GoThere returns you directions via public transport, meaning bus or train. However, notice that you can switch between Train, Bus or Drive if you have a preference for a certain mode of transport. Just to know, train is actually really "train + bus" since the MRT doesn't extend to all places.

Notice that right at the bottom of the directions, GoThere tells you how long the journey is estimated to take, and how much it costs to get there via public transport.

You could click on each individual step on the left hand column and zoom in for a closer look like this. Notice that the map now reflects additional information such as building numbers and names so that it's easier for you to get around.

Did you notice that the map moves follows you as you scroll down? Nifty right?

If you're just trying to search for a specific location, you could just enter in the "From" field and leave the "To" field empty. That works too!

Here's how a search for a single location would look like.

Notice that apart from showing the location that you searched for, there are additional features on the left hand column.

Firstly, under "Quick Directions", you can key in an addresses so that you can find out how to get to United Square from another location, or from United Square to another location. Secondly, under "Search nearby", you can search around the vicinity of United Square for places such as cafes, restaurant, coffee, chicken rice, cinemas...and the list goes on and on.

Another useful tip for you when using GoThere. Clicking on "Satellite" at the top right hand corner of the map allows you to have a satellite imagery of the location so you can get an overview of the roads, buildings and trees at the location.

And let's say you decide that you want to find out the reverse direction, i.e. how to get from "united square" to "23 bukit batok east" instead. Notice that there's an option "switch addresses", shown highlighted below, that will do exactly as it says so you don't have to retype.

Last but certainly not least, notice there's a space for you to let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on how we can make GoThere even better for you. So do let us know what you think!