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Baba King Nonya Deli

The bunch of us travelled all the way to Singapore Expo for dinner today. Now, one wonders why we had to journey so far east for dinner. Actually, one of our friends told us about this lesser-known Peranakan restaurant at Singapore Expo that served pretty good Peranakan crusine, so we decided to try it out, thinking that it would be a welcome break from the busy bustling dinner crowd in the city.

Here's the place.

For a small group like us, I think we ordered a lot. I guess we were hungry from working on GoThere.

Nonya Chicken Curry

Sambal Tempeh

Nonya Fish Otak

Assam Prawn

"Bakwan" Kepiting, Nonya crab and chicken cake

Chicken Ngo Hiang

Sambal Kang Kong

Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab. This was really yummy and fragrant.

Prawn & Egg FuYong

Prawn Fritters

Location aside, Baba King Nonya Deli is really good! Almost all the dishes that we tried tasted pretty good, we especially liked the fish otah and the black pepper soft shell crab. This is definitely one place to consider whenever anyone is in the mood for some Peranakan food. Perhaps that's why the owners had no qualms calling themselves "Baba King", a sign of confidence in the quality of their food. To be fair, the place is very accessible by MRT (alight at Expo station), so that really shouldn't deter anyone from having a go at this restaurant.


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