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To celebrate our first month in cyberspace, we are happy to announce our first major update.

We've improved the quality of our maps on GoThere. If you zoom in close enough, you'll see our new and improved building names on the map. In addition, we have also placed bus stops directly on the map itself. You can click on it to see which buses are servicing the stop. There's also a link to SBS iris so you can check when the next bus is arriving. If you do find any errors with a particular bus stop, do let us know via the report error link.

You can now also see where the taxi stands are in the CBD area. Look out for these cute orange icons. With the LTA taxi CBD rule in place, we hope this will help commuters look for that elusive taxi stand.

We understand that our directions are not perfect. Thanks to the stream of feedback that we have been getting, we have been tweaking it to be that little bit better for all of you. We place a huge emphasis on speed here at GoThere. Many hours were spent analyzing how to make our pages load faster. We're glad to say that GoThere is now a lot faster in finding the best possible route for you. In fact, the next feature requires speedy responses and is only possible with this improvement.

Sometimes, you do not get the exact location that you are looking for. Now, you can just click and drag the start or end marker to a specific location on the map. Simply drop the marker and you'll see new directions from or to that location.

We also thought it will be useful if we can tell you the address of the building that the marker falls on. Go ahead and try it! We found it to be surprisingly addictive.

That's all for this update. We are listening to our users. So don't be shy and drop us a note at feedback (at) gothere (dot) sg!


  • lim-jiu-lim-ga-do


  • YoNgShUn

    Hello, I reported some bus stops as the location of the bus stop on the map actually differ some 200-300 metres from the actual bus stop.

    Next bug I found is that, the 'Bus Arrival Timing' contained bugs at Bus Interchanges.
    Probably this is because the way to get the timing is different from bus stops.

    Probably you guys can take a look in it and as well as differentiating bus stops with bus interchanges.

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