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Driver's high

The previous update was geared towards public transport users, but we haven't forgotten our users who drive. After acting on the useful feedback that we've been getting, we came up with a bunch of features for the drivers out there.

Firstly, our maps now include car parks all around the island and the ERP gantries that are sprouting up all over.

Now you can find out where the nearest car park or ERP gantry is on the map. We then went one step further. By clicking on the car park icon, you can now check out the car park rates as well as other relevant information about the car park.

With ERP rates changing rather often, it'd be useful to be able to check the current rate too. And that's what we have done.

And that's not all. Knowing the ERP rates is useful. But avoiding ERP gantries would be way cooler! Now, you can try avoiding the ERP gantries by checking the "Try avoiding ERP" box.

We are still testing it to see how we can improve this feature so do drop us a note if you encounter a weird route.

That's all for now, we really hope that this feature roll-out will be able to help everyone even better plan their journey beforehand. In the meantime, keep the comments and feedback coming in! We're all ears!


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