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Print directions!

We heard your requests for a print friendly version of our directions and here it is!

The print friendly version include nifty mini maps nicely laid out next to each step. We have also added bus stop numbers so you can check that you are at the right stop. Apart from the step by step directions, we have also included an area that allows you to include personal notes on the printout. For example, you can include a condensed summary of how you would get there, and rely on the step by step directions for reference. Or you could include relevant information about the destination such as surrounding landmarks or the unit number. Just type it in and print it out!

This is probably not the most environmentally friendly thing we've done, and we do feel a little bad about it. But we also understand that there are places that are difficult to reach, and sometimes it's just impossible to retain the directions in memory. So, we figured that the reduced petrol use from not getting lost would help make up for the extra paper prints. Alternatively, you can use our mobile version on the go!


  • Stephanie

    hey bro, thanks for the creation of and your latest initiative of the mobile version!

    however, can u also include the driving direction in the mobile version too?? thanks in advance

  • KK

    Hey steph,

    we definitely want to implement driving directions on mobile, but we would like to seek your patience.

    Can't promise you when, but I think it's not too far away in the future.

  • nimbupani

    I think the redesign lost something in the UI for the map. The header is occupying too much space as I would rather see the map than the header. Also, the bigger font sizes means I need to scroll below to see the bus nos to take. And scrolling with a map is terrible becase Google assumes I am using the scroll for the map!

    And my favourite feature got lost in the update too. The popup on the bus stops which links the bus nos at the bus stop to the IRIS database. I think it is disappointing if that feature is no longer there!

    Great design for home page. But very disappointed with the search page design

  • jussi

    Hi Nimbupani,

    Thanks for your input. The design is not quite finalised, and we really value your feedback. We're going to tweak the design a little bit, and I hope you'll feel it's more in line with what you're used to. We do think it's valuable to keep some of the whitespace to make sure the directions don't get too cluttered, but we'll do our best to make sure that it doesn't compromise usability.

    Also, the iris links are definitely coming back. Don't worry about it.

    Thanks for your support,


  • Webmaster

    yes a mobile edition will be ideal.
    but thanks a lot for the initiation.

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