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Redesign - step one!

After many sleepless nights, curses over some small, obscure web browser by the name of "Internet Explorer" and the usual share of blood, sweat and tears, we were finally able to launch the new design for the website early on Wednesday morning.

The redesign has, in this step, been mostly about making facelifts, and not so much about introducing new features. We didn't want to make drastic changes to the interface that our users are already familiar with, just make the user experience more fun. An important part was also also to, with the help of colours and contrast, make the more important information more prominent.

We see this redesign as a first step in the gothere rebranding process, and we very much value the input of our users. We've already tried to make changes based on early feedback (thanks, Nimbupani, we love you - platonically), and we'll definitely do our best to implement any good suggestions we get.

Thanks for your continued support.


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