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Hungry go where? Go there!

What's a nice dessert place near Bukit Timah? What about a Japanese restaurant around Novena? These are questions that I often get from my friends. Wouldn't it be great if we can obtain these information easily? Well, now there is! We have teamed up with the fantastic people behind HungryGoWhere to include their database of restaurants and eateries in our search results. Looking for cool places to eat will be a problem of the past.

For example, with a single search, you can source for korean food around city hall, pick your favourite one (with a generous credit card discount), check out the reviews at HungryGoWhere, and get travel directions.

You can help others by leaving a comment or rating on the place after your visit. Anyone can leave a comment! There's no need to sign up or login.

As always, we are looking to make this better for you. If you have a suggestion or complaint, don't hesitate to drop us a note at!


  • Kevin

    That's excellent! I can now think of other sites that could integrate with like,, and the list goes on. It's only matter of time when will turn into a nationwide utility.

    I'm proud that this is made in Singapore, for Singapore! :D

    [earlier comment deleted due to misspelling, much to the delight of anal retentive developers! HarHar! ]

  • Jorbb

    Guys, I was somewhere that day and I wanted to find the nearest library and guess what. NLB's website is terrible. Go, try and find the nearest library around your area (assuming you have no clue at all) based on NLB's website.

    So in the end I tried my luck and Yay!

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