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Cool developer friends we have

People appreciate good apps and are willing to spend their own time and effort to build on something good to make it better. I think what Isaac Newton said can't be more true, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

We'd like to show our appreciation to 2 of our cool friends who did stuff in their free time. Presenting, *drum roll*...

Deepak Sarda
He wrote a greasemonkey script for, and the screenshot is as below. (Picture courtesy of Deepak)

Looks really cool, I'm using it as well. Find out more about how you can make gothere look the above and all his other cool stuff at his page.

Next up...

Abimanyu Raja
A young man (younger than us at least... :D) who's working on Ubiquity, a Firefox extension which I use too from time to time. He wrote a "goto" command for gothere, and for people who use Ubiquity, you can subscribe to it right here.

(Picture courtesy of Abimanyu Raja)

We would of course welcome all other developers to improve what we have, and don't be shy to contact us if there's some changes to our code that you would like to have. Unless the change will blow up our computers, we'll gladly do it. (Ask Deepak, he knows.)

We promise we'll be giving developers more cool stuff to play with soon, so look out for this space!


  • nttup

    Cool!!.. I always wanted to suggest a Ubiquity plugin for

    And for the NextBus grease monkey script, is there anyway to incorporate that info into the website?? That would be really useful.. Not a big fan of grease monkey myself.. :(

  • antrix

    @nttup: For NextBus integration with other sites, look at the NextBus API in my post:

  • Chi-loong

    Why don't you work with SBS/TIBS to pull the information directly from Iris to create a really cool mash-up function on :)

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