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Thank you for making GOThereCHannelAds a success

A day after GOThereCHannelAds was launched, the overwhelming response from advertisers and users alike caused our servers to overload, burst into flames, reducing them to ashes. This was a very difficult decision but we have no choice but to suspend the service until further notice, while we settle the insurance claims with our data centre.

Yeah...... right. Gotcha! Happy April Fool's. Surely you didn't think we would compromise the user experience on our website with ads that do not help you, the user, at all. Rest assured that we will always have you in mind for every decision that goes into the user interface.

We did catch quite a few users unaware so you could say it was a pretty successful prank, and we're happy to announce that our click-through rate was more than 10 times the industry average. Now, we would like to reveal the most popular ads that our users clicked on.

Tied for number 3:

What an irony that an April fool's prank is to sell April fool's trick kits; time-sensitive advertising is decently effective I suppose.

We're not surprised there are many football fans among our users who're hoping to get tickets to UEFA Champions' League final. For your information, this season's final will be held in Rome, not London.

At Number 2

Singaporeans are known for their obsession with gizmos and gadgets, but the Google iPhone just doesn't exist, yet.

At Number 1

We don't practise any censorship, so our competitors are taking advantage of this to move our customers off our platform to theirs. No, we haven't lost our mind yet, but we're thankful to our users who tried to find out more about this vicious competitor.

I'm sure Lehmen Brathers from will not be pleased that his ad was not among the top 3.