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And the Winner is...

Boys and girls,

Thank you for staying with us. I believe this is the moment everyone has been anxiously waiting for. Who will Pecan choose? Will Pecan make a wise selection? Find out whether YOU are the winner by watching the video.

The iPhone Giveaway "Lucky Dip" from Kkkk on Vimeo.

Congratulations to our lucky winner, Reuben, who has won the grand prize of an Apple iPhone 3G (16GB).

And now, the $200 cash prize for our creativity award goes to ... (DRUMROLLS) ... Peishan, with the following entry:

" would have helped Frodo get to Mt Doom in a much less convoluted way"

No offense to the other participants, but we just like this entry better than the rest.

We will contact the winners in a short while regarding the collection of the prizes.

Last but not least, we will like to thank all those who have participated in one way or another. Special thanks to Pecan, who has sacrificed much of his sleeping time to conduct the draw.

And the finalists are ...

Boys and girls,

After 12 days of intense MSNing, GTalking and Tweeting, it is time for us to find out who will walk away with a brand new Apple iPhone 3G (16GB). We have randomly picked 300 entries for the final draw, and our dear friend from Zopim, Pecan, is ready to plunge into action (literally) to make the pick when he feels like doing so.

While we wait on our distinguished friend to get prepared, here's the list of entries that made the cut. To protect the identities of the finalists, we're only revealing the first 3 characters of their user names.

Do stay tuned as we reveal the lucky winner tomorrow at 3pm, in a video no less!

Gothere iPhone Giveaway!

Hello everybody,

If you came here via our main page, you'd have realized that we're giving away an iPhone 3G. Yep, you heard me right.. the next 12 days at Gothere will be dedicated to "The Gothere iPhone Giveaway"! Basically, all we want is for you to help introduce our site to all your friends. and the more you do (via MSN, GTalk or Twitter), the higher your chances of getting the iPhone! Read the instructions page for more details on this draw, which will take place from today till next Sunday (19th April 2009) 11.59pm.

Other than the iPhone draw, do note that we also have a S$200 cash prize for the most imaginative message we see! That's pretty good isn't it, so don't forget to be creative when it comes to writing your status update promoting =].


In conjunction with this giveaway, we're also launching our Facebook Page and Twitter account! If you've joined our Facebook group previously, don't hesitate to show your support by also joining our Facebook Page. If you want to feel closer to our thought stream, then Twitter's the place for you. Just send a message to @gotheresg and we'll do our best to reply.

Alright boys and girls, let the Gothere iPhone Giveaway begin!

Thank you for making GOThereCHannelAds a success

A day after GOThereCHannelAds was launched, the overwhelming response from advertisers and users alike caused our servers to overload, burst into flames, reducing them to ashes. This was a very difficult decision but we have no choice but to suspend the service until further notice, while we settle the insurance claims with our data centre.

Yeah...... right. Gotcha! Happy April Fool's. Surely you didn't think we would compromise the user experience on our website with ads that do not help you, the user, at all. Rest assured that we will always have you in mind for every decision that goes into the user interface.

We did catch quite a few users unaware so you could say it was a pretty successful prank, and we're happy to announce that our click-through rate was more than 10 times the industry average. Now, we would like to reveal the most popular ads that our users clicked on.

Tied for number 3:

What an irony that an April fool's prank is to sell April fool's trick kits; time-sensitive advertising is decently effective I suppose.

We're not surprised there are many football fans among our users who're hoping to get tickets to UEFA Champions' League final. For your information, this season's final will be held in Rome, not London.

At Number 2

Singaporeans are known for their obsession with gizmos and gadgets, but the Google iPhone just doesn't exist, yet.

At Number 1

We don't practise any censorship, so our competitors are taking advantage of this to move our customers off our platform to theirs. No, we haven't lost our mind yet, but we're thankful to our users who tried to find out more about this vicious competitor.

I'm sure Lehmen Brathers from will not be pleased that his ad was not among the top 3.

Introducing GothereChannelAds

TANJONG PAGAR — Gothere Advertising Launch Event, April 1, 2009 — Gothere co-founder and Director of Business Development Toh Kian Khai introduced GothereChannelAds today, a revolutionary system for businesses and brands to connect with users and serve advertising to all kinds of audience.

“GothereChannelAds represents a revolution in digital media advertising,” Toh told an audience of marketing and advertising executives in Tanjong Pagar. “For the past 8 years on the Internet, the major players have been focusing their efforts on trying to serve more targeted advertisements. With online advertising expected to decline by 10% in 2009, innovation is essential to a company's survival. We think that the solution has been right in our face all the time; do away with targeted advertisements to increase exposure to everyone.” GothereChannelAds is designed to offer a simple advertising solution for everybody, including individuals.

Gothere has differentiated its ad program with several key features, including the disclosure of the cumulative ad revenue generated by every click - improving transparency and accountability to all our clients and users. Unlike other paid listing services, Gothere's innovative advertising technology identifies that all users are interested in viewing all advertisements. “Users can see all kinds of advertisements and advertisers are rewarded with average click-through rates at least five times higher than the industry average for targeted ads”, according to KK. “GothereChannelAds simply generates more revenue”, KK summarised, “for the advertising network.”

The core of the Gothere advertising program aims to increase advertising revenue simply by displaying more ads to the same users. Advertisers gain an advantage as their ads are shown to the widest spectrum of users possible. "It's refreshing to find a self-service advertising program like GothereChannelAds, with which we see no questions asked regarding the type of product we’re trying to promote," said Lehmen Brathers, marketing manager for "GothereChannelAds is one of the best kept secrets on the web. Don't assume what your users want, because you simply do not know."

GothereChannelAds enables advertisers to reach out to all potential customers by serving an ad that need not necessarily match a user's search query. The result is a highly untargeted ad that appears all the time, ensuring advertisers will reach out to the entire user base of Gothere. For example, entering the query "chilli crabs" into the search box on Gothere's search page produces search results and a stream of advertisements. The quick loading text and image ads that appear on the right of the map will not be restricted to just seafood. This enhances the overall search experience for Gothere users by providing a huge amount of ads on the advertisement bar, and benefits advertisers by increasing the total number of impressions drastically, click-through rates have also been shown to increase proportionally. Gothere will eventually support the use of GIFs, pop-ups, animations, and flashing logos, allowing all advertisers to reach their audience in the most creative ways possible.

Gothere’s ad program offers the following features:

  • Instant ad creation: Ads are online immediately after your order is confirmed.
  • Ad preview tools: See how your advertisement will look before it's posted on Gothere's search results page.
  • Unlimited ad creation: Advertisers are free to create and publish different versions of an ad to see which ones get the best response from users.
  • Web-based reporting tools: Instant access to reporting tools online that displays click-through rates and number of impressions delivered.
  • Ad performance feedback: Advertisers can see real-time feedback via a visitor interest bar to measure the overall effectiveness and popularity of an ad.
For more information about GOThereCHannelAds, please email

Overall reduction of 4.6% in bus and train fares!

As of today, the public transport operators have lowered their fares by an average of 4.6% (link to PDF). How much savings will users get to benefit?

In a nutshell, all train fares (LRT inclusive) have been reduced by 2 cents. Fares for basic (i.e. trunk and feeder) bus services have also been reduced by 2 cents across the board, while transfer rebates have been increased from 40 to 50 cents.

A picture says a thousand words. What better way than to illustrate the cost savings with a case study?

Case Study: From NUS to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

Before 1st April:

Before the fare reduction, the trip via the train and bus combination will cost $1.79. Here's how the breakdown of the fare looks like:

NUS to Buona Vista MRT (bus):$0.71
Buona Vista to Ang Mo Kio MRT (train):$1.48

From 1st April onwards:

With the new fares, the trip will only cost $1.65, 14 cents cheaper than before. The fare breakdown is as follows:

NUS to Buona Vista MRT (bus):$0.69
Buona Vista to Ang Mo Kio MRT (train):$1.46

Do stay tuned while we dish out more updates in the weeks to come!