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And the Winner is...

Boys and girls,

Thank you for staying with us. I believe this is the moment everyone has been anxiously waiting for. Who will Pecan choose? Will Pecan make a wise selection? Find out whether YOU are the winner by watching the video.

The iPhone Giveaway "Lucky Dip" from Kkkk on Vimeo.

Congratulations to our lucky winner, Reuben, who has won the grand prize of an Apple iPhone 3G (16GB).

And now, the $200 cash prize for our creativity award goes to ... (DRUMROLLS) ... Peishan, with the following entry:

" would have helped Frodo get to Mt Doom in a much less convoluted way"

No offense to the other participants, but we just like this entry better than the rest.

We will contact the winners in a short while regarding the collection of the prizes.

Last but not least, we will like to thank all those who have participated in one way or another. Special thanks to Pecan, who has sacrificed much of his sleeping time to conduct the draw.


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