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Reduction in ERP Rates: The June school holidays are upon us!

As announced by the LTA, there will a reduction in ERP rates for the June '09 school holidays in a number of locations. There is a price adjustment of up to $1.00 per Passenger Car Unit, for the period of 30 May 2009 to 27 June 2009. Looks like a good time for all you parents to grab some extra sleep for this month.

Find out more about the revised rates by clicking on the ERP gantry locations on our maps. Alternatively, just search on for your regular route and see if there are any changes to your ERP charges.

We're also thinking of better ways to display ERP information in our directions. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Circle Line Stage 3 Opening

The Circle Line Stage 3 stations will be open to the public from tomorrow onwards, and we have been working the entire week in order to get the station locations, train routes and fare stages into our maps and directions!

To give a brief overview, the new Circle Line stations are Marymount (CC16), Bishan (NS17/CC15), Lorong Chuan (CC14), Serangoon (NE12/CC13) and Bartley (CC12). Here's the entire stage 3 Circle Line route from Bartley to Marymount on our maps.

Here at Gothere (what a mouthful), we like to do comparisons with hard and concrete data to see how changes in routes affect a commuter's journey time and cost.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bus Service 58

Previously, a trip from Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central would take 18 min via bus service 58, and costs $0.91.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bishan (NS17) to Serangoon (NE12) via Dhoby Ghaut (NE6/NS24)

Alternatively, if you were to travel by the MRT, you would need to take a train on the NS line towards Marina Bay and make a train transfer at Dhoby Ghaut for the NE line towards Punggol. The entire journey takes 28 min and costs $1.60.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bishan (NS17/CC15) to Serangoon (NE12/CC13)

With the Circle Line, the same trip will now only take 4 min, and costs $0.83. Fare reductions aside, the real savings are really with the journey time. Your commute time is now shaved off by a good 14 min if you used to take bus service 58.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now, and check if there's any improvement to your existing commute in either fare or time taken!

On a side note, developers using our Maps API will be pleased to know that these maps and directions updates on are automatically propagated to our API as well. You don't have to change a single line of code to enjoy these updates. Visit our API page to learn more, or talk to us directly.

Using Gothere maps anywhere is now as easy as 1, 2...

Well... 1. pick the URL, 2. put it in an <img> tag. There's no 3!

We understand that sometimes, all you want is just an image of a map to be used on your website, or to be sent around as an email attachment. The Gothere Static Maps API allows you to do just that! The API creates map images that can simply be used in an <img> tag. No Javascript needed. And it works on all browsers that can display images, and that includes most mobile browsers as well. Here are some examples of map images that can be created.

Here's a map image of Plaza Singapura.

Map of Plaza Singapura

You can add various types of markers to point out certain locations in your map.

Buildings along Orchard Road

Or even draw a route on the map.

Shopping route along Orchard Road

To make your own images, dive right into our documentation where you can find more examples, and start using our maps anywhere you want!

Where is the nearest ATM?

Locating useful amenities around a certain location has certainly been one of the most popular feature requests. Having just launched this feature in our API, we are now rolling it out to all our users.

In addition to telling you where a specific address is, we have included the nearest ATMs, petrol kiosks, supermarkets, and other useful amenities into our results. We are offering 6 different types of amenities at the moment. We are definitely looking at other useful types of amenities as well. Tell us what you'll like to see by dropping us an email at

Do you like this new feature? Or do you think it's destroying your experience with us? We have made it easier for you to voice your opinion. At the bottom of the list of amenities, we have included a simple survey box. Simply click "yes" or "no" to let us know if this is a feature that you care about.

Go on, try it out and let us know what you think!

Ahoy! The Gothere Maps API is finally here

We are launching the Gothere Maps API today, allowing developers to do all sorts of innovative things with our maps and services. Think you can build a better interface to Gothere? Want to create an interactive map of dengue cases in Singapore? Now you can! Best of all, it's free!

Our API include a geocoding service, so you can start placing stuff on our maps. We are also allowing developers to retrieve directions through our API. Public transport directions, driving directions, taxi fare estimation, avoid ERP gantries and highways, it's all there!

We even have a kick ass feature where you can search for amenities around a certain location in all but 2 lines of code. Try our interactive example!

If you are a developer, dive right into the Gothere Maps API documentation. We have put up a bunch of examples to make it easier for you to get your feet wet. There's no need to sign up for keys and getting started is as easy as inserting a script tag. Our Maps API is also mostly compatible with the Google Maps API. We do not wish to lock our users into using our services, switching between our Maps API and Google Maps API should be made as easy as possible.

Our Maps API is a work in progress, and we will be making changes, introducing more exciting features, and fixing bugs too. Send us your feedback through our developer forum, or file an issue at our issue tracker.

We have devoted a lot of time into the API. Here's a look at the pretty icons we made! In all, there are a total of 755 icons in 10 colours for you to play with.

Pretty icons

This is a major step forward for Gothere and we're all very eager to see the innovative and beautiful applications that you are creating on top of our Maps API. So tell us what you're building with the API! Have fun, and happy coding!

Reuben and Pei Shan collect their prizes from the iPhone giveaway

We've been pretty busy churning out some major updates for gothere, so forgive us for delaying this post. Pei Shan and Reuben came over to our office to collect their prizes last week, and well, have some fun with Pecan.

Pei Shan was the winner for the most creative message.

Here's Pecan sitting on Reuben, whom he picked.

Hope you guys enjoyed the giveaway as much as we did.