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Circle Line Stage 3 Opening

The Circle Line Stage 3 stations will be open to the public from tomorrow onwards, and we have been working the entire week in order to get the station locations, train routes and fare stages into our maps and directions!

To give a brief overview, the new Circle Line stations are Marymount (CC16), Bishan (NS17/CC15), Lorong Chuan (CC14), Serangoon (NE12/CC13) and Bartley (CC12). Here's the entire stage 3 Circle Line route from Bartley to Marymount on our maps.

Here at Gothere (what a mouthful), we like to do comparisons with hard and concrete data to see how changes in routes affect a commuter's journey time and cost.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bus Service 58

Previously, a trip from Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central would take 18 min via bus service 58, and costs $0.91.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bishan (NS17) to Serangoon (NE12) via Dhoby Ghaut (NE6/NS24)

Alternatively, if you were to travel by the MRT, you would need to take a train on the NS line towards Marina Bay and make a train transfer at Dhoby Ghaut for the NE line towards Punggol. The entire journey takes 28 min and costs $1.60.

Bishan Junction 8 to Serangoon Central - Bishan (NS17/CC15) to Serangoon (NE12/CC13)

With the Circle Line, the same trip will now only take 4 min, and costs $0.83. Fare reductions aside, the real savings are really with the journey time. Your commute time is now shaved off by a good 14 min if you used to take bus service 58.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now, and check if there's any improvement to your existing commute in either fare or time taken!

On a side note, developers using our Maps API will be pleased to know that these maps and directions updates on are automatically propagated to our API as well. You don't have to change a single line of code to enjoy these updates. Visit our API page to learn more, or talk to us directly.


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