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Using Gothere maps anywhere is now as easy as 1, 2...

Well... 1. pick the URL, 2. put it in an <img> tag. There's no 3!

We understand that sometimes, all you want is just an image of a map to be used on your website, or to be sent around as an email attachment. The Gothere Static Maps API allows you to do just that! The API creates map images that can simply be used in an <img> tag. No Javascript needed. And it works on all browsers that can display images, and that includes most mobile browsers as well. Here are some examples of map images that can be created.

Here's a map image of Plaza Singapura.

Map of Plaza Singapura

You can add various types of markers to point out certain locations in your map.

Buildings along Orchard Road

Or even draw a route on the map.

Shopping route along Orchard Road

To make your own images, dive right into our documentation where you can find more examples, and start using our maps anywhere you want!


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