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It was a quick survey, wasn't it?

Thank you all for participating in our survey, we learned a lot.

From the survey, we know that many of you find our service indispensable, and that you will be disappointed if is no longer around. We are really encouraged by the responses. We promise to keep innovating in order to provide you a better and even more useful service. We know that many of you have been recommending to your friends, and we hope you'll continue to do so.

Our main motivation in carrying out the survey is to understand what is most important to you. Having heard you, we've decided to be a little more open about what we're working on at the moment.

Finding directions is the one thing that is best known for, and we intend to keep improving in this area. In the weeks to come we will be re-evaluating the way we calculate our routes and how we are displaying our directions. There are also a number of heavily requested features that we'll be working on, including things like alternative routes and more user contribution.

We have a lightweight mobile site ( at the moment that is designed specifically for mobile browsers. However, it only serves bus and train directions, and there have been many requests for our mobile site to be improved. Rest assured we are working hard to beef up our mobile site to match the features available on our main site. We are really close to a new release, so hang in there.

The iPhone
Yes, we know that our iPhone-loving users have been expecting a Gothere app for some time now. We're iPhone users as well, and trust us, we'd really like to bring to the iPhone. Recent announcements from Apple regarding the iPhone OS 3.0 have changed the rules of the game, and we had to adjust our plans as a result.

Expect to see lots of updates for the month of June, we've got a long list of stuff planned out. Once again, we really appreciate all your support! Alright, back to work.


  • Christo


    I didn't participate in the survey unfortunately (didn't know of it). Just wanted to feedback something for future development. The other day I logged into the site with my phone and was pleased with the light mobile interface. Only challenge for me was that directions were only provided for taxi or bus. Many like me are bike riders, so it would be good to still have the car driving option for when you're unsure of your itinerary on the go. My 2cents.

    Thanks for the great work!


  • Maria Theresa

    What has happened to the site? I have been checking routes since yesterday but it seems to be having some has been loading for ages and i have been trying to refresh it but to no avail :( this is th efirst time it happened and up to now im still waiting. I restarted several times...i dnt have problems with any site except for this one..i have been using gothere ever since so i know im doin it right.. I hope it will be solved soon...i really dont know how to get to the place im suppose to go today...:( Street Directory is unreliable so im hoping gothere will be fixed soon :( im desperate!

  • chuyeow

    Mobile Safari on the new iPhone OS will support HTML5 geo-location so if it's any easier you guys can use that on the mobile site before finishing off the app :) Would be very useful especially if you can make your usual web interface work on the Mobile Safari too!

  • junhan

    Christopher: Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you drivers yet. Something's brewing on our mobile site, check back real soon! =]

    Maria: Sorry about that.. Sometimes our servers confuse people for robots and end up blocking them. It's a tough problem, but we're working it.

    Chuyeow: Yup, we're aware of that. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Shawn

    Hmm any chances of you releasing an iPhone app with turn-by-turn navigation (as it's allowed in OS 3.0?)? Furthermore, it'd be nice if you could tie up with LTA to get live traffic information, highlighting possible delays, as well as integrating @sgtraffic 's Twitter feed.

    I hope you guys take this into consideration, and I wish you all the best ;)

  • Lee

    hi, please don't forget WinMo users! please please please!

  • H T

    Hello, just wondering whether it is possible for multi-location directions? For example, if I want to get from Toa Payoh to Yishun, but need to pop by AMK Hub. Can I designate that the route must hit AMK?

    It sounds like a challenge to tweak programming like that but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    Thanks for listening :)

  • Prasad


    I'd like a t-shirt with gothere logo artwork/drawing - I think it would be cool!

    Prasad @SG

  • Ferny

    Any chance of including directions to Tuas South.
    I was raving about how good is to my hubby. He got excited as I was demonstrating it to him, then when he suggested that he would like to see the route from his office to Tuas South, he got disappointed.
    He will definitely recommend gothere,sg to his colleagues.

    Gothere rawks!

  • junhan

    Shawn: Yes, taken into consideration!

    Lee: You guys can use our mobile website for now, we made sure it worked on winmo. =]

    H T: We think it's perfectly reasonable to ask for that. Give us some time, it's already somewhere on our todo list. =P

    Prasad: Interested in designing one for us?

    Ferny: Try this link - Our "A" and "B" markers are draggable too, just in case you need directions to somewhere that's not in our search database.

  • bertrand.tan

    Please do make an iPhone App! Even a Beta is worth it! Your website has been excellent thus far, its the first thought whenever I need go to somewhere.

    I hope you guys are making enough money off this site. I would hate to see this website go down.

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