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Location, location, location...

We all woke up to the good news of Apple's announcement on the availability of the new iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday morning, which means that Mobile Safari is now location-aware for users who have upgraded to the new OS. To take advantage of this new feature, we've made our mobile site location-aware as well.

From today onwards, iPhone and iPod Touch users running the new OS will be able to use their current location when searching for directions on

When prompted, simply allow to use your current location, and the search will be based on the location provided by your iPhone.

Note that this feature will only activated if you have upgraded to the new OS. If you haven't upgraded, you won't be able to see the link to "get your current location".

Besides a location-aware, there are plenty of other goodies that the iPhone OS 3.0 brings. So check it out now!


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