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Our new and improved mobile website

If you haven't used on your mobile phone, this was how our mobile site looked like. It was clean, efficient and did its job well. Unfortunately, it only provided bus and train directions, and many of you have been requesting for something more fully featured. Today, we're unveiling a new and improved mobile website.

The new retains its clean look, while adding a dash of colour to make information more readable, and also to keep things interesting. You can also now get directions for all 4 modes of transport on - bus, train, taxi and driving. Here's what changed.

Bus and Train directions

Bus and train directions are the same as before, but with nicer formatting. We've also updated these directions to include the approximate bus waiting time.

Taxi directions
Taxi fare estimations are based on time and location, so you'll be able to take note of all the surcharges applicable. If you are using an iPhone, click (or tap) on the LTA taxi booking hotline to dial for a taxi immediately.

Driving directions
We have also included driving directions as on, all formatted nicely for your phone. Now, you can always check out the total ERP charges for your journey, all nicely calculated for your convenience.

Not-so-Static Maps
While we don't support drag-able/pan-able maps on the mobile browser yet, we've added the next best thing: the ability to zoom in and out of the map. We have also increased the size of the map so you can look out for more landmarks around you.

And there's more!

Good browser, Bad browser

Don't blame us for being biased, but modern smartphones like the iPhone and Android1 phones really have better browsers that are capable of cool things. Visiting on the iPhone will now bring you to a prettier mobile site.

Auto-suggest for the iPhone

This isn't a new feature but we have given it a facelift. Our auto-suggest feature brings up a list of suggested places based on your current query, so you can cut down on the number of keystrokes.

iPhone home screen icon

We also came up with a new icon that appears when you add to your home screen on the iPhone. We made a few variations, eventually settling for the right most one.

Go visit on your mobile phone now and tell us if you like what you see.

[1] If any of you want these features on an Android phone, please donate one for us to test with! We promise to take good care of her, and to work really fast to make look good on it. :)


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