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What, you mean I need to wait?

Last month, we silently improved our public transport directions by taking into account the approximate waiting time for buses. This helped us to better estimate the total journey time, allowing us to provide better route choices to our users.

Because these changes were made under the hood, some of you may have been perplexed by the increased journey time for your usual routes. To address this confusion, we are introducing a small change in the way we are displaying our public transport directions.

Deconstructing your bus journey 

Even though the waiting time is currently fixed at 10 min for feeder services and 15 min for all other services, you can already get a sense of the amount of time spent waiting in your daily commute.


  • Jon

    An excellent addition. However, is it possible that the 15 minute waiting time be divided by the number of available buses?

    For example, if a leg of a journey has two possible buses, then the average waiting time is probably halved - about 8 minutes.

    This will give more representative journey times, rather than the maximum journey time that is currently displayed.

  • Khin Khin


  • zen zen

    Too confusing. (Waiting time)

    You have spoiled the system by oerworking.

    Why do you add waiting time? You can just mention it, but neednot add...

    (If 15 minute waiting time, if there is 3 buses going to same place, probability is 33%. Then you have to add 5 minutes. Are you joking?????????)
    Pls retract to previous version

  • junhan

    Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!

    Adding a fixed waiting time may not the best solution at this point, but it helps to lay the foundation towards providing more accurate results.

    We're still exploring ways to improve our accuracy, so we really appreciate your feedback.

  • Aloysius

    Latency is the better number to put there rather than waiting time. Latency is half of waiting time. This gives the commuter an average wait-time, assuming he arrives at the bus stop and the bus is not there. It is more probable that the bus has left some time ago, and that the next bus will take some time to arrive. Experientially, therefore, the latency will give him a better feel of how long he will have to "wait".

  • thc

    waiting time for MRT? thats why your MRT journey times are always inaccurate

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