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August is typically when the school term starts for universities in Singapore. This often means thousands of doe-eyed freshmen entering their campuses for the first time, and getting lost in these huge and unfamiliar places. At Gothere, we do what we can to help people get around places, so this time is no different. Today, we're releasing better maps and directions for the National University of Singapore (NUS).

You can search for locations within NUS such as building names and block numbers. We also think that it's pretty nifty to be able to search for your lecture theatres.

That's not all, we're even doing directions! Let's say you've just finished your lecture at LT23 in the Faculty of Science and you're hungry for some laksa yong tau fu at the Arts Canteen. Just do a search for "NUS LT23" to "NUS Arts Canteen", and Gothere will tell you which NUS shuttle bus service to take to your destination.

If you are planning a route for the next day, don't forget to include the time you think you'll be leaving, as Gothere takes time into consideration the shuttle frequencies and service times.

Don't worry we haven't forgotten you, law students. The NUS Bukit Timah Campus also has new maps with searchable building names and locations.

We really love the detail that these maps show. Zoom into the maps and you'll see nicely drawn and labeled buildings. Hopefully, this is something that we can eventually roll out for all the other varsities, polytechnics and ITEs.

That's all we have for now. NUS students, we hope that you'll find this update pretty useful. If we had tools like this when we were freshmen, serendipity could have been achieved with much less effort.


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