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Even the desktop is now location-aware

Hey Firefox 3.5 users, do you know that your browser now supports location-aware browsing? If you visited with your newly updated browser you would have realized when Firefox asked if you wanted to share your location with us.

We rearranged our map buttons to make space for that shiny new "Get My Location" button. Clicking on the button will trigger the Firefox prompt asking if you're willing to share your location with us. Once you do that, you'll be able to see your approximate location on the map.

If you click on the current location marker, you'll also be able to see an approximate address of your location. Click on the address to access our nearby amenities feature. You can also start searching right away for directions from that address.

So what are you waiting for, get Firefox now!


  • Louis Tan

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  • Louis Tan

    is there any way to amend the location if we find that it's hopelessly inaccurate? i'm guessing not, since the non-wifi location is probably IP-based.

    does gothere support (google) gears geolocation? that's a possible way to make it browser-independent, unless you're deliberately trying to encourage the use of firefox ;P

  • Yelver

    location aware on firefox, cool.

    but its "hopelessly inaccurate". i'm in scotts road now and it showed that i'm at Parliament House, some 5km away.

    like what louis mentioned, it will be good if we can relocate our position manually. maybe even support some form of "learning" to make it more accurate.

    still, keep up the good work! had become my "must visit" site when traveling to unfamiliar places.

  • Louis Tan

    ok, after playing around a little, i see the wifi-supported location is a lot more accurate. i suppose it's similar technology to Google Latitude?

    i would question the usefulness of IP-based location tracking, though - since this is after all a Singaporean map service, it doesn't really help when the estimated location covers half the island!

    also, the location feature would possibly be a lot more useful if you can set it as the default for the "going from" field on the main page, perhaps as 'auto-detect' or something. so for example if i want to find out how to go to changi airport from my current location, i would only need to type into the second field.

  • rayfx

    hmm strange, it tags my location at the parliament house when i don't even live anywhere near that place.

  • Kendrick

    i think its a bug. it shows that i am at parliament house as well. give it some time and they will fix it.

  • Yelver

    hmmz i tried the location aware function from home and its quite accurate, like only a few units away.

    in fact, its far too accurate for comfort. lol.

  • Pavlo

    Absolutely Inaccurate. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, and it shows my location as being Austin, Texas.

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