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Interactive map of the JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair

The folks from JobsCentral are organising the JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair at Suntec City this weekend (Aug 22 - 23)! The organisers promise lots of valuable face-time with the exhibitors, so you can be sure that this will be a good opportunity to meet potential employers and discover an array of higher education option. If you are looking for a job or further education, admission is free so go ahead and register now!

We've collaborated with JobsCentral to create an interactive map of the fair right here on Remember what we did two weeks ago with the NUS campus maps? Well, this time, we're going for even more details!

Zoom right in at Suntec City and you'll see the floor plan of the fair.

To take a better look at the booths and exhibitors, zoom in closer. Interested in a particular booth? Click on the orange circle to view more information about the exhibitor.

You can use the maps to plan your visit, making sure that you have allocated sufficient time to visit all the companies that interest you.

Check out the fair now! Browse your way to Suntec City on our maps and click on the funky zebra, or zoom your way right into the fair area!