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Sneak a peek!

You may have noticed that we've been rather quiet lately. Well, that's because we've been busy improving and building the next version of Gothere.

Our goal is to make things on our maps easier to find. We also hope to improve the experience of browsing and looking for anything in Singapore. Here are a few things that you'll find at the new site:
  • Explore shops and amenities around a place.
  • Browse and narrow your searches with categories such as food, entertainment, retail, and more.
  • Search for everything in a single text box – whether you are looking for places, or directions.
  • Mix and match recent searches in your Backpack.

Here's a short screencast for you to see how the new design works.

Of course, nothing beats trying it for yourself over at As we're using the latest and greatest in web technologies, the new website will only support the latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome (and Chrome Frame!). We'll add support for the other browsers as we go along.

We have a bunch of cool stuff that we'll be adding shortly but we want to gather and listen to your feedback and suggestions first. So please try it out and let us know what you think!