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Sneak peek update: Switch directions, Close map info window

Hi everyone, we're listening to your feedback! We have just added buttons for switching directions, and closing the info window on the map.

Switch directions

Close info window

We hope your experience on is now a little more complete with these updates. =]

Hello, Google!

Google announced real time traffic and public transport routing for Singapore yesterday. Google is a big, scary, but-not-evil monster and they are here to eat us for lunch. :P

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, it's actually an exciting time for Gothere. We have been expecting this launch for some time. With Google here, we can finally check out how we fare in the face of the giant.

We feel that Google's introduction will be a net positive for Gothere and the industry as a whole. As they bring more attention to the industry, it will be easier for Gothere as a small startup to reach out and work together with the bigger players. Also, there will now be plenty of people who will be inclined to try out the different map and directions websites because of the amount of media attention they will bring.

We are working diligently on a number of initiatives that we are confident will make Gothere even more helpful for our users. We are listening to you with big ears. Whether it's something that we are doing right, or something that's awfully wrong, we are always willing to listen. It's the only way we can make something that's always relevant to the people who matters - you.

As Mr Lee mentioned about Singapore, we have to make changes constantly to remain relevant and useful to the world. Rest assured that we are not staying put, we will always be evolving to make things better and easier for you.

You can probably say that Google is like your favourite coffee chain where you know you can definitely get a cafe latte in any of its stores, whether you're in sunny San Francisco or bustling Beijing. But nothing beats that cup of kopi-o siu dai from the nearby kopitiam uncle who knows you best.

[Iconic photo of Kopitiam Uncle from Liyin]

Location-based services is where the action is at the moment, and we're really happy to be in the thick of things pushing the industry forward! In all, we think that this is great news for Singaporean commuters, who will now have more choices in finding directions and locating places!

Sneak peek update: Car park entrances, improved markers and new maps

Hot on the heels of our previous update, we're now back with more goodies for you on

Car Park Entrances

From the popular shopping belts of Orchard Road and City Hall area to the skyscrapers in the CBD, drivers often find it difficult to get to the elusive car park entrance. We understand the pain of driving in circles at crowded areas and cursing, "I see the building, but where is the car park entrance!?"

You've been asking for driving routes to be integrated with the car park entrances, and that's exactly what we've done. Searching for directions to buildings in the Orchard Shopping District and CBD area will now give you instructions on how to reach the building's car park.

For example, when searching for directions from Orchard Road to Chinatown Point, the old directions will only bring you to New Bridge Road.

Our new directions now bring you directly to the Chinatown Point car park. This just makes life much better, doesn't it?

Improved transport markers

Our map markers now show you more information such as bus numbers and train lines. In addition, we've also improved the look of the routes so that they stand out more clearly on the maps.

New maps

We have also released new maps for both and As previously mentioned, we hope the new map design will improve visual organisation and reduce clutter.

Improved map performance

Lastly, we are continously working towards improving the performance of our maps and webpages. Our new maps now load and render 25% faster!

Hope you enjoy our updates. We'll be rolling out more stuff and moving sneak out of beta shortly.

We have new maps on Gothere!

To wrap up the week, we're introducing new maps for Gothere!

We're adjusting the look of our maps to make it easier to find the information you need. For example, we've optimised the road widths and building contours so as to improve visual organisation and reduce clutter, and we've made our maps less saturated so that important overlays such as directions and search results are more readable.

Here are a bunch of screenshots for you to see the changes.




We're not done with all the adjustments so it's only on for now. Nevertheless, we hope you like the direction we're heading. =] Have a great weekend ahead!

Sneak peek update: Print and Share

Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments on so far! We know that there are still lots to work on, so check back regularly as we make improvements each week.

This week, we're adding a few more functions to make sneaky a little more shareable – "print", "share via email" and "get link".

Print out your maps

Our print-friendly directions include a large map for the route overview, as well as close-up maps for all the direction steps. You can also adjust the maps by dragging and zooming around. We even include the option to remove the maps if you want just the text.

And it's not just directions. We have print-friendly pages for places and businesses too.

Share with friends

We know that it's important to be able to share places and directions on by copying the link, so we've added this in for sneaky as well. Clicking on "get link" will give you a link that you can share with your friends.

Send an email

We have also made it easy to send information and links to your friends via email. Just tell us your friend's email address and we'll send her an email with a summary and a link to the page you're currently looking at.

That's it for now. As usual, please let us know if you have any feedback via Twitter, Facebook or email. Of course, you can comment here if you'll like to. =]