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No more sneaking around. It's official.

The new year is just round the corner and it's about time we stopped sneaking around, pun intended. We would like to thank everyone who sent in their feedback, telling us what you thought about sneak and how we could improve it. After squashing tonnes of bugs and making numerous improvements, we're now ready to unveil sneak as the new

For those who missed our first post introducing the new, the goal of this redesign is really to make it easier for you to find the things you want, and to improve the experience of browsing and searching for anything in Singapore.

We have since gotten lots of suggestions and feedback, and have made a few improvements to sneak over the past few weeks:
Apart from tweaking our search algorithms and fixing bugs, we've also included a few new things for

Carpark entrances and rates

Carpark roads in HDB estates have made it into our maps, so you'll be getting more accurate driving directions, down to the entrance of the carpark. More commercial carpark entrances around the island have also been included.

To make things even better, we'll list up to 5 carparks near your destination. You can check the rates and choose which carpark you'd like to park at.

Expressway entrances in directions

Have you ever taken the wrong turn to PIE (Tuas) when you were supposed to head east to PIE (Changi Airport)? We've added expressway entrances into our directions so you won't be making the wrong turn again.

Real-time information in tool tips

When you hover your mouse over the bus stops, carparks, ERP icons and more, you'll get tidbits of real-time information in a tool tip. This is especially useful for carparks and ERP gantries as you'll be seeing the current rates and charges.

Search for bus stops

You can now search for bus stops with their 5-digit bus stop numbers.

Embed and current location

Existing features on which were not present in sneak have been added in as well. You can now get your current location (on Mozilla Firefox) and also share our maps by embedding them on your website.

We love the new and we hope you do as well. The older version is still available for now if you're reluctant to switch.

We'd like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed feedback and suggestions. It has been immensely helpful. That's all folks, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sneak peek update: Street View!

We've updated sneak with Google Street View!

To display the Street View layer, click on the "camera" icon on the map controls, and you'll see the roads where imagery is available. Clicking anywhere along the highlighted roads will open up the imagery for that spot.

You can zoom in, pan around and move to other locations. To return to the maps, click on the close button.

As some of you may know, we were driving around Singapore in our minivan-with-cameras last December in order to release our own maps and street images. Well, what do you know, we crossed paths with the Google Street View vehicle!

We're not totally done with the integration yet, but we hope this update will go a long way in helping you find places more easily. Thanks Google!

Sneak peek update: Show me the traffic!

We've been getting loads of emails requesting for real time traffic information. We have a bunch of ideas for a better integration of real time traffic information, but unfortunately that will have to wait. In the meantime, we decided that you shouldn't have to wait! Hence, we are borrowing some sugar from our friendly giant's cafe latte.

To display the traffic layer, click on the 'traffic light' icon.



Hope this update will sweeten your day. =)