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Week-long sponsorships, now on

Have you noticed a message from our wonderful sponsors at the top of every search and directions page?

Over the past 2 years, many users have asked us about the lack of ads on We do not believe in plastering our website with ads. We have a great service here with a wonderful user experience. Displaying run of-the-mill, mass produced ads will simply destroy the user experience and ruin the trust with our users. We wanted something that doesn't degrade the experience of using, something thoughtfully designed, something worthy of your attention. Something different.

As you probably know, is not a service provided by your tax dollars, nor is it a service backed by a giant company. We are a small local indie outfit. Despite our size and lack of resources, we are moving faster than any of the larger map services; we are the first to update our maps and directions with the Circle Line, we are also the first to roll out a preview of the distance-based fares so our users can prepare for the upcoming change. We believe we are providing a public service, so needs to be accessible to everyone. This means that charging you, our user, is a non-option. Therefore, we'll be bringing in a few sponsors each week to showcase their establishment, product, service or event. Their sponsorship will help keep us going while everyone can continue to enjoy using

The message above is our way of allowing our sponsors to reach out to you, so you'd better check them out to show your appreciation! ;) We'll be hand-picking the sponsored messages to make sure that they offer something local and relevant to you. Most importantly, the messages will be well-designed and interesting. Flash and distracting animation is strictly prohibited. Seriously.

We hope you find the sponsored messages helpful and refreshing. If you have any comments on how they can be improved, please don't hesitate to email us. On the other hand, if you'd like to learn how to become a sponsor on, do visit our sponsors page to find out more.


  • ekkle5ia

    Awesome work guys! And yes, the ads are well thought out and non-intrusive as can be. Thank you for the convenience!

  • Immanuel

    Hey Gothere dudes!! Awesome work... The ads are tastefully placed and non-obstructive.. is going places eh? keep up the great work!! (:

  • silas

    It's a genuinely clever move - because the ads are so discreet, I believe there are more users besides me who actually do pay attention to them. Good move Gothere team, thanks for all the efforts into creating the website.

  • blog

    The cleanness of your site is exactly the reason i've started using it instead of right after I found out. I'm now recommending all my friends!

    Of course you need to get bread on the table, the current way of advertising is a great way to do it. Wish you all the best!

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