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iPhone Sneak Peek

We have some great news to share! The iPhone app has been submitted to the iTunes App Store. And now we just gotta wait for Apple to give us their seal of approval. Our iPhone app has come a very long way. Truth be told, we have made over 5 different iPhone apps over the last year and a half. Unfortunately, we felt neither of them offer a fantastic user experience, and you know how we are all about creating a great user experience!

Well, that's all over now because we have finally designed and built an iPhone app that we love! And we really mean it! This app trumps over our mobile web version, even on the web, and really just about every other thing we have come up with.

What's a sneak peak without pictures right? We'll go one better and show you a short homemade video!

Here's a look at some of the features in the app.

  • Find public transport and driving directions anywhere in Singapore.
  • Ninja search engine - you can search using postal codes, building names, acronyms like "amk", and even businesses and amenities like "korean food" or "atms".
  • Simply start typing and we'll automagically suggest popular locations, as well as places you've recently searched for.
  • Compare the duration and cost between the various modes of transport, including bus, train, taxi and car. You can even choose between multiple routes for each mode of transport.
  • View useful details in your trip summary, such as the fare, duration, distance, ERP charges and number of transfers.
  • Find directions for your blur taxi driver and also see the full breakdown of the estimated fare, including peak hour surcharges and more.
  • Pick and choose a carpark around your destination and we'll show you the rates and guide you there.
  • Search or browse amenities and businesses around your location.
  • View more information about a place including the full address, phone number and even hungrygowhere reviews.
  • Explore the beautiful full screen map and tap on any bus stop or carpark to find out more about them.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We'll be showing you more of the app in the coming days as we wait for the kind people at Apple to approve it. Stay tuned!

P.S. The app will not be free. However, we'll be sure to give you, our ardent supporters, a special early bird deal. =)