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iPhone app update: 1.2 now available

As promised last week, version 1.2 of the app is now available for download.

1. Shortcut to home screen

Probably the most requested feature in 1.2, the home screen shortcut! We've followed Facebook's lead (albeit hidden) and added a "return to home" shortcut whenever you tap on a title on the navigation bar. This is definitely not a standard Apple UI convention, but we felt that it was a quick solution for power users who needed to jump back to the home screen frequently.

In addition, tapping on the back button now skips past the directions screens, a source of frustration for many users who just wanted to search for new directions.

2. Options for departure time, minimise ERP and avoid highways

Advanced options for the power user. By setting the departure time, the directions will take into account details such as peak hour surcharges for taxi fares, and bus/train operating hours for public transport.

3. "Search nearby" added to place page

We've also added the ability to search for things around a location. You'll be able to search, for instance, florists nearby "AMK Hub", if you're in desperate need to find some flowers.

4. Compass in map view

Similar to, you can now use the compass while in the map screen. Just tap on the current location button twice to activate the compass.

*hat tip to @mugunthkumar for reminding us about this.

5. Updated carpark rates

Yeah, like finally right? We know a few folks who were pretty annoyed with our outdated carpark rates, but we're a small team and we try our best. Do cut us some slack, okay? :P

That's all we have for now. You can help us improve by telling us how you're using the app, and what isn't working out for you. As usual, feedback via twitter or email is welcome.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


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