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1.3 submitted: easier access to bus stops/car parks, Sparklette reviews, and one more thing

Hope everyone is feeling alright on this Monday! If not, this news may just cheer you up – we've submitted the 1.3 update. Woohoo!

What's new:

1. Search or browse for bus stops

If you know the bus stop number, simply type in the 5-digit code to get to the bus stop's page. You can also search or browse for "bus stops" and get a list of bus stops around you.

Bus stops now get their own page, and from there you can find out the bus services there by tapping on the "buses" link.

To find out the next bus arrival times, tapping on a SBS bus service will bring you to the corresponding mobile IRIS page in the browser. Nice!

2. Search or browse for carparks and rates

When you search for buildings with carparks, we have now included a new link to view the carpark rates. This means you can now view carpark information without having to tap on the map icons!

To quickly see a list of carparks around your current location, just tap on "car parks" from the browse menu.

3. food reviews

Sparklette is a food guide run by Veron, who has been a fan for the longest time – she embeds a map with her food reviews to make sure her readers know how to get there. How thoughtful!

When you're at a place that has been reviewed on Sparklette, be sure to tap on the link to read her review!

Check out some of her recent reviews: Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant, Spices Cafe at Concorde Hotel.

4. Street view with compass + motion panning

One more thing – Street View. We're bringing Google's Street View to the app. Of course, the experience won't be as smooth as the the default Maps application because we do not have direct access to the Street View raw images, but we think it's still useful to be able to see some form of street imagery from inside our app.

What's more, we've gone one step further by including compass and motion panning in Street View. Basically, this means you can pan your phone around and see the corresponding street view images that are in the direction you're facing. And if you are on iOS 4, you can even pan up and down simply by moving your phone!

That's all for 1.3, we'll keep you posted when this update is available for download. By the way, the launch discount is coming to an end soon, so please tell your friends to purchase the app if they haven't already! We are not even half done with what we wanna do with our app and there are many more exciting updates coming your way! :)